2013 Customer Forum

LLW Repository Ltd will be holding its 2013 Customer Forum on Wednesday 1st May 2013, at the Rheged Discovery Centre near Penrith in Cumbria.

This year LLW Repository Ltd’s focus has been on enhancing its existing services and introducing a number of new Services (Very Low Level Waste, Transport and Waste Characterisation Services). Our 2013 Customer Forum will focus on presenting how those Services have been received by our Customers, how the Services continue to mature and some of the successes that have been delivered. However in order to illustrate this to you from the perspective of both LLW Repository Ltd and our Service Providers, a significant percentage of the presentations shall be made by the Service Providers themselves.

Presentations shall also include an update on the current position of any proposed changes to the Waste Acceptance Criteria resulting from the implementation of the new Environmental Safety Case for the Low Level Waste Repository.

Following the event, presentations from the event and recordings of the presentations shall be made available on the 2013 Customer Forum page.

Admission is by invite only and is free. We hope that you are able to join us.