Launch of the LLWR Plan

Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) Ltd has today published a plan that sets out the long term future of the site through to its final closure, currently planned to be in 2079. The plan also sets out LLWR Ltd’s key role in delivering the national Low Level Waste Strategy on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Government.

The plan aims to give stakeholders a clear understanding of activities on the site and how through the procurement and delivery of low level waste management services, LLWR Ltd’s role in supporting the national programme. It sets out the role and responsibilities of LLWR Ltd, its Parent Body (UK Waste Management Ltd) and site owner the NDA.

Divided into seven sections the Plan takes a detailed look at site operations, the decommissioning of historical facilities, future proposed developments and the final closure of the site. It also describes the business functions that support the organisation, LLWR Ltd’s socio economic activities and the broader benefits the company hopes to achieve through effective delivery of the activities captured in the Plan.

Commenting on the publication of the Plan, Dennis Thompson, Managing Director, LLWR Ltd said: “I hope that this Plan demonstrates the crucial role that LLWR Ltd plays in delivering savings across the nuclear estate and to the UK taxpayer. We have an ambitious programme of work ahead of us and I hope that this Plan clearly communicates how we will deliver this as well as enabling our Stakeholders to gain a more informed understanding of our operations.”

LLW Repository Ltd Plan 2013-2018