PCM teamwork pays dividends

Our PCM team has saved LLWR time AND money after completing the removal of Magazine 5’s void concrete ceiling to allow access for decontamination operations.

When the same process was carried out in Magazine 10 on site last year it involved removing 144 slabs, each weighing around 300kg.

A Learning From Experience (LFE) exercise was then carried out and a more efficient method of gaining access to the void was developed.

This meant that in Magazine 5, only 27 of the heavy concrete slabs had to be removed before strategically-drilled holes were able to provide access for Health Physics surveys to check for contamination. This saved LLWR and strategic partners NSG many weeks of work.

Carl Smith, PCM Decommissioning Senior Project Manager, said: “I am extremely pleased and proud how LLWR and NSG have collaborated on developing the void recovery methodology that was proven last year on Magazine 10, and further evolved through LFE workshops and applied in Magazine 5.

“This has currently saved the project 2 to 3 months in schedule and costs with further savings anticipated in future magazines. Again, we are seeing the benefits of a fully-integrated team sharing a common goal.”