Rail Takes the Strain

LLWR has committed to bring its entire initial stockpile of aggregate for use in its Repository Development Programme (RDP) in to the Site by rail – keeping the equivalent of more than 765 HGV deliveries off West Cumbria’s roads.

Each rail delivery will include almost 1,300 tonnes of aggregate and a dozen such deliveries are planned before the end of the financial year for use in RDP, the largest programme yet undertaken on the Site. Some 15,300 tonnes in total will be delivered.

Cath Giel, Head of Public Affairs at LLWR, said: “We place huge value on our relationship with the local community, and we are delighted when we can utilise rail rather than add greater pressure to the road network.

“We have been open and honest about our plans for RDP and we will take any opportunity we can during this long-running programme to minimise disruption to our community.”

Aggregate will be stored on Site until required for use in RDP, which incorporates the capping of current vaults and trenches, and the construction and capping of new vaults, when required. Tranche 1 of 8 will last a decade and include the capping of Vault 8 and adjacent trenches.