Howard Falconer
Howard Falconer

Howard Falconer – Service Delivery Co-ordinator describes a typical day at LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR)

“There is not really a typical day in my role.  Some weeks I may travel the length and breadth of the country visiting customers and nuclear facilities to offer advice and waste management solutions. Other days I may be working with the supply chain to set up technical and commercial arrangements for safe and sustainable waste treatment routes or I am in the office working with other departments within  LLWR.”.

When asked what he liked most about his work, he replied:

“The variation in the work day-by-day and week-by-week.  Though hard work the LLWR offers flexibility and empowers you to make real difference within the organisation and across the UK through working with customers and suppliers. I have also had opportunities that I wouldn’t have ever had if I didn’t work for the LLWR, such as visiting a huge range of sites and facilities across the UK and overseas, touring nuclear submarines, research establishments and treatment. I have had the opportunity to travel around the UK and Europe meeting a whole host of people across a range of disciplines.

The LLWR is also a relatively small company so you soon get to know everyone across the company and understand how you fit into the overall mission”.

Howard’s advice for anyone wanting to get into a similar profession is:

“You have to be very self motivated and be able to think on your feet whilst maintaining the highest degree of quality and compliance. Working for LLWR is challenging and rewarding at the same time and to realise the rewards you must be ready to meet the challenges, be dedicated and contribute to the best of your abilities”.