Teamwork is key to success on the LLWR site, which is why we engage specialist partners to help us achieve our mission.

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Our PCM Decommissioning Programme is being delivered by an integrated team of LLWR personnel and contract support led by NSG Environmental Ltd, one of the UK’s leading decommissioning contractors.

NSG gained a presence on our site in 2011 and two years later, after a comprehensive tendering exercise, were awarded the contract for our PCM Decommissioning Project.

The goal was to decommission and demolish PCM facilities to make land available for future site development projects, and impressive progress has been made on the six-year programme, with improvements and efficiencies constantly being sought to beat the baseline dates.

GRAHAM Construction were appointed our Engineering, Design and Construction Framework (EDCF) contractor in late 2014, again after a tendering process, and an integrated team was formed with LLWR staff.

Under the four-year partnership, the team will work on a series of programmes and projects, including security enhancement, site infrastructure improvements and Repository Development.