The National Waste Programme (NWP), in consultation with stakeholders, is developing resources to support the growth of LLW management skills and knowledge across the industry. The resources include a database that signposts commercially available training courses; a suite of NWP eLearning and learning-workbook modules that are available free of charge on the Nuclear Training Network web portal; and a classroom training course on Waste Loading Plans.

Database of commercially available training

This NWP Excel database signposts commercially available training courses that underpin radioactive waste management and the waste management lifecycle. Information provided is indicative and for signposting purposes only. Users should review the information and use the contact and web details provided to confirm the suitability of a course and to ensure any certification or qualification meets their needs. Inclusion of a course in the database does not constitute endorsement of any particular training material or provider.

Please note: when you open the Excel database you will need to click the yellow ‘Enable Content’ button.

Click here for the:  NWP Database of courses supporting radioactive waste management


NWP training modules

eLearning (duration 35 to 90 minutes):

  • Introduction to Waste
  • Introduction to Low Level Radioactive Waste
  • Introduction to Managing the Non-radiological Properties of Radioactive Waste
  • Characterisation Overview
  • Waste Loading Plan Awareness

Self-directed learning workbooks (duration 90 minutes to 3 hours)

  • Completing the Waste Characterisation Form (WCH) (Issue 3)
  • Completing the Waste Enquiry Form (WEN) (Issue 3)
  • Completing the Waste Consignment Information (WCI) Form Diversion Services (Issue 3)
  • Completing the WCI Form LLW Disposal (Issue 3)
  • Completing the WCI Form Supercompaction (Issue 1)

Classroom module

  • Waste Loading Plan Training (2.5 days)

The development of training modules is ongoing, and we welcome ideas or views on additional cross-industry training needs. If you have training content that could be shared within the industry, or would like to be engaged in the development of future modules, please contact

How to access NWP modules

eLearning modules and learning workbooks are available free of charge via the Nuclear Training Network.  Once registered at, insert ‘NWP’ in the search box and all NWP modules will appear.
Please contact the National Programme directly regarding WLP classroom training.

Contact us

For all enquiries or to sign up to be notified as new modules become available, please contact the National Programme: