Peer Reviews and Peer Assists have been undertaken with waste producers to support effective low level waste (LLW) management.

Peer Review is a tool that enables anyone involved in LLW management to have a cross industry team assess their LLW management practice against established best practice. A Peer Review is conducted according to a specific process set out in the LLW Peer Review Model below.

Peer Assist is a problem-solving tool that supports anyone involved in LLW management to identify and implement improvements to their LLW management practice and culture. The Peer Assist process is tailored to the needs of the host organisation and the nature of the specific improvement required.

Peer Learning is a tool which enables those involved in the management of radioactive waste to collect, analyse and use good practice and learning from experience on a particular aspect of waste management directly from their peers on other projects or sites in a structured way.

Peer Learning Model Issue 1 August 2017

The Peer Review, Peer Assist and Peer Learning are complementary processes, and a Peer Review may be an input or initiator to the Peer Assist or Peer Learning events

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