In addition to sharing good practice and encouraging collaborative learning across the low level waste (LLW) management sector, a key strand of National Waste Programme (NWP) activity is improving programme governance; enhancing how transformational change and national strategy delivery is planned, reported and communicated.

Joint Waste Management Plans (JWMPs)

Each of the four NDA waste-producing sites produce rolling 5-year Joint Waste Management Plans (JWMPs). These are developed in collaboration with LLWR. JWMPs identify projects and activities to support the embedding and implementation of the Strategy and good practice within these organisations. JWMPs also provide a 5 year forecast of waste arisings.

Progress, which supports national strategic goals, is tracked by the National Programme Office and reported to stakeholders.

Programme governance and communications

A variety of regular collaborative meetings are held to enable the sharing of information amongst stakeholders on progress, threats, opportunities, learning, good practice and new developments.

The documents below provide a summary of the main NWP meetings and events, as well as meeting terms of reference.


The Delivery Overview Group (DOG) meeting is a key element of the NWP governance structure and is held every 6 months. Around 40 stakeholder organisations are invited to participate in the meeting and to share information, issues, case studies, good practice and learning from experience, as well as to work on joint projects or cross-industry issues.

Information is also shared via a variety of publications available under the Waste Practitioner Support and Guidance section of this site.

Reporting including Waste Metric Dashboards

The National Programme Office publishes a range of waste metrics and information from waste producers to track progress to ensure the programme benefits are delivered.

The Waste Metric Dashboard summarises progress on the successful diversion of waste away from direct disposal and on the environmental performance of the NWP.

Waste metric dashboards for the current and earlier financial years can be accessed by clicking on the Dashboard image.

The NWP Quarterly Report provides a “snapshot in time” of the progress being made within the National Waste Programme community to achieve the strategic objectives of the programme.

National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q1 FY 2016/17
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q2 FY 2016/17
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q3 FY 2016/17
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q4 FY 2016/17
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q1 FY 2017/18
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q2 FY 2017/18
National Waste Programme Quarterly Report Q3 FY 2017/18

NWP Programme Manual

This comprehensive guide provides a summary of the aims, vision, mission, role and organisation of the NWP, as well as providing additional detail on the NWP programme arrangements and procedures: The Programme Manual.

Procedures and forms

NWP programme management instructions, procedures and forms can be accessed below:

Click on the graphic below to download a summary of the NWP management system (including its procedures, instructions, forms and guidance):

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