The WIF provides comprehensive and up-to-date information covering waste stream inventory, treatment, packaging and disposition data for Low Level Waste (LLW) and lower activity Intermediate Level Waste (ILW).

LLWR lead compilation of the Waste Inventory Form (WIF) on behalf of the NDA.

waste inventory form

The WIF is a key data set which is used by:

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), for input into strategic decision making processes, ensuring appropriate alignment with other key inventory processes and maintaining oversight of its Site Licence Companies in their planned site decommissioning and clean-up activities;

Site License Companies to maintain a dynamic inventory of their waste streams, assist with site project planning and contribute to related report outputs such as the United Kingdom Radioactive Waste Inventory (UKRWI) and Joint Waste Management Plans (JWMP); and

Supply Chain Organisations concerned with the planning, operation and performance of systems and facilities for the management of radioactive wastes and materials in the UK.

The WIF is primarily used to:

  • identify opportunities to divert waste away from the LLWR;
  • make best use of existing assets;
  • encourage Site Licensed Companies (SLCs) to adopt more suitable waste management practices for LLW through consideration of the waste hierarchy;
  • inform strategy development and waste management planning; and support communications with key internal and external stakeholders including affected supply chain organisations.

To date three WIF exercises have been undertaken across the NDA estate. The most recent exercise being undertaken in 2015.

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