LLWR held its annual Customer Forum on Wednesday  21st May 2014, at the Energus Centre at Lillyhall, near Workington.

Our 2014 Customer Forum was more technically focused than previous years and presentations included how the Services have been received by our Customers, how the services continue to mature and some of the successes that have been delivered through the Waste Services Contract. 

Presentations also included an update on the current position of the changes to the Waste Acceptance Criteria for LLW Disposal resulting from the implementation of the new Environmental Safety Case (ESC) for the Low Level Waste Repository and specific issues raised within the implementation of the ESC.

The agenda for the day, the speaker’s slides and videos of the presentations are now available for download in this section of our website.


If you attended the 2014 Customer Forum, we would be grateful if you could provide feedback on our event and any comments and suggestions for improvements as we prepare for our Customer Forum 2015  by completing and submitting our Feedback Form.

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2014 Customer Forum Agenda

 The event was split onto four sections:

  • Opening Session
  • Environmental Safety Case Update
  • Waste Management Services Update
  • Closing Session

The speaker’s presentations are located in the relevant section of the agenda along with a video of the full session. The videos are provided through Mediasite. The site shows the slides alongside footage of the actual presentation. It is possible to navigate to specific presentations through the Chapters Tab on the Mediasite Player.

1. Opening Session 

Chairman’s Opening Remarks – Dennis Thompson, LLW Repository Ltd

National Programme Update – Sara Johnston, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

LLWR Review of the Year – Dennis Thompson, LLW Repository Ltd


2. Environmental Safety Case Update

Update on the Implementation of the 2011 Environmental Safety Case – Richard Cummings, LLW Repository Limited

Disposal of Asbestos – Richard Cummings, LLW Repository Ltd

Update on the Leach Testing of Materials – Frank Taylor, LLW Repository Ltd

Experience with the new WAC and Capacity Management Approach – Amy Huntington, LLW Repository Ltd


3. Waste Management Services Update

National Waste Programme – Hannah Kozich, LLW Repository Ltd

Waste Service Delivery – Damian Seath and Laura Bell, LLW Repository Ltd

 Characterisation Services – Hilary Royston-Bishop, LLW Repository Ltd

Logistics Services – Marc Flynn, LLW Repository Ltd


4. Closing Session

NWP Key Developments-Training and Peer Reviews – Hannah Kozich and Helen Cassidy, LLW Repository Ltd