LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) is the legal entity responsible for operating the LLWR sites, which are owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

As the Site Licence Company (SLC) it is, through its Board of Directors, in day to day control of the sites and is directly accountable to the relevant regulators for compliance with the conditions of the Site Licence and with all other applicable legislation and regulations.

It is also, as a wholly owned subsidiary of UK Nuclear Waste Management Ltd (UKNWM) the Parent Body Organisation (PBO), responsible for ensuring that activities on the sites are carried out to the satisfaction of the Shareholder – UKNWM Ltd and of the NDA and are in the long term interests of the company, its employees, the local community and business partners, and for doing so in a safe, reliable and predictable manner, securely and with due regard to the environment.

Role of UKNWM, the Parent Body Organisation (PBO) Board:  To bring the expertise, resources, innovation and experience necessary to deliver the NDA strategy. Through the secondment of key individuals into the SLC the PBO provides the vision, leadership and expertise necessary to deliver its bid commitments to the NDA. 

Role of the SLC Board: The SLC Board is legally accountable for all the activities of LLW Repository Ltd, including all aspects of compliance with regulatory requirements and the nuclear site licence.

Role of LLWR’s Lead Team:  The Lead Team are accountable to the Board for all aspects of operating the Site, they oversee the day to day management of the Company, including the delivery of strategic direction. The Lead Team, through the Office of the Managing Director, provides the Board with recommendations for those matters reserved to the Board.