Supply Chain expenditure accounts for 80% of LLW Repository Ltd’s (LLWR) annual spending and it is therefore important to implement cost effective and supplier responsive solutions.

Successful Working Partnerships 

The priorities for LLWR are to attract and retain suppliers to whom our business is important and to encourage healthy competition. In addition, we also aim to promote the use of local suppliers and SMEs, wherever possible. We are also seeking to rationalise the size and scope of our supply chain, while developing improved working relationships and longer term supply chain planning.

Supply Chain Charter

LLWR has given its commitment to the Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites. The Supply Chain Charter aims to foster good working relations across the NDA Estate supply chain, with all parties signing up to a set of principles encouraging mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships.

Supply Chain Charter

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Action Plan

LLWR wishes to support the Government’s SME Agenda. In order to achieve this, we have developed an action plan to increase opportunities for SMEs. 

 LLWR SME Action Plan – Issue 2.0 – June 2014

Procurement Pledge

LLWR has signed up to the Government’s pledge which lays out a number of initiatives that are designed to improve the way business is conducted with the Private Sector.

Payment Performance Report

We now publish our Payment Performance Report on our website on a quarterly basis. The figures included in the report highlight our promptness in paying our suppliers and are expressed in numbers of payments made within 5 days of due date, within 30 days and payments made over 30 days late. The performance figures are also expressed in monetary terms.

LLWR Payment Performance Report FY 17-18 – Quarter 3