As detailed in the customer communication issued to customer representatives on 28th November 2017, LLWR’s Waste Services Contract (WSC) expires on 31st March 2018.  LLWR plans to extend the WSC in its current format for a two year period (Phase 1).  During this phase of extension, LLWR will be reviewing the WSC schedules and associated documents to seek improvements for customers when accessing the WMS service portfolio,  with the aim of delivering a new realigned contract (Phase 2), this will be implemented in April 2020.

Both phases will start and run in parallel. We will be engaging with customers and other stakeholders as we develop the future state and requirements.

Please find below the draft WSC Extension including special conditions which we would like to amend and the Deed of Amendment reflecting the changes, to ensure that the contract extension reflects LLWR’s current practices and customer requirements.

The above documents will be available for review and comment until 14th March 2018, during the consultation phase please provide comments via email to At the end of the consultation phase a spreadsheet of all customer comments will be published along with LLWR’s responses.