LLWR manages the entire lifecycle of all supplied Package designs; from design, manufacturing, testing, license management, with additional maintenance and engineering support for re-usable package designs.

All relevant documentation for each package design are prepared and managed by LLWR and available to customers via the links provided in the table below:

Supply Service

TC01R – Re-usable Half Height IP-2 Iso Container






TC01 – Half Height IP-2 ISO Container







TC01R Data Sheet

Operating Instruction – OM_3409278_MECH_00008_B

Certificate of Approval Issue 1

Licence Expiry Date: 30/11/2019

Minimum Monitoring Requirements For The TC01R Re-usable Transport Containers


TC01 Data Sheet 

Operating Instruction – OM_LLWRGR_MECH_00007_B

Certificate of Approval Issue 9 
(applicable to restricted re-use only) 

TC01 Licence Extension Letter for Certificate of Approval Issue 9

Licence Expiry Date: 31/07/2018

Operating Instruction – OM _LLWRGR_MECH_00007_D

Certificate of Approval Issue 10 
(applicable to disposal only)

Licence Expiry Date: 31/07/2019

TC03 – Third Height IP-2 ISO Container


TC03 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction – OM_3409278_MECH_00009_A

Certificate of Approval Issue 8

Licence Expiry Date: 31/12/2018

TC06 – Two Third Height ISO Container

TC06 Container

The TC06 is currently unavailable.


TC08 – Half Height IP-2 WAMAC ISO Container


TC08_Data Sheet

Operating Instruction – OM_0102940_MECH_00002_E

TC08 Certificate of Approval Issue 8

Licence Expiry Date: 14/07/2020

TC14 – 210 Litre IP-2 Drum (Solids/Liquids)


Note: TC14 drum is available with a Flat Top lid or lid fitted with 2x Tri-Sure Bungs

TC14 Data Sheet Issue 6

Operating Instruction -OM_3409278_MECH_00001_D   (for drums with original unstamped clamp bands)

Operating Instruction – OM_3409278_MECH_00001_E

Certificate of Approval IP-2/GB/TC14 Issue 8 (Licence)

Licence Expiry Date: 30/06/2020

TC19 – 210 Litre IP-2 Drum (WAMAC Compatible)

TC19 Drum


TC19 Data Sheet Issue 6

Operating Instruction – OM_3409278_MECH_00005_B        (for drums with original unstamped clamp bands)

Operating Instruction – OM_3409278_MECH_00005_C

Certificate of Approval IP-2/GB/TC19 Issue 6 (Licence)

Licence Expiry Date: 30/06/2020

TC21 – FED Half Height IP-2 ISO Container

TC21 Data Sheet Issue 1

Operating Instruction OM_3499017_MECH_00001_A

Certificate of Approval IP-2/GB/TC21 Issue 1 (Licence)

Licence Expiry Date 31/12/2019


Soft Sided Packages 1m3

(for use with TC11 Container


Data Sheet:

Operating Instruction:

TC02 Waste Box WB1 (Full Size)

Optimised Waste Box_Full


WB1 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction: Not yet issued



TC02 Waste Box WB2 (Half Size)

Optimised Waste Box_Half

WB2 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction: Not yet issued

TC02 Waste Box WB4 (Quarter Size)

Optimised Waste Box_Quarter

WB4 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction: Not yet issued

Hire Service
TC02 – Half Height Re-Usable IP-2 ISO Container





TC02 – S2 Stillage

S2 stillage



TC02 – S3 Stillage

S3 stillage

Note: S2 and S3 Stillages are also compatible with the TC25 system

TC02 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction – OM_LLWRGR_MECH_0001_E


Licence Expiry Date: 14/08/2017

Monitoring Schedule: Schedule 1 Minimum Monitoring requirements for TC02

Assembly and Weight Declaration Form: TC02 Assembly and Weight Declaration Form


S2 Stillage Data Sheet Large Item Stillage

Operating Instruction – OM-3409227-MECH-00002_C





S3 Stillage Data Sheet Optimum Capacity

Operating Insturction – OM-3409227-MECH-00004_C


Lifting Frame L2 Data Sheet 30te



TC05 – Multi Use IP-2 ISO Skip

TC05 door open

TC05 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction OM-0102940-MECH-00006-F

Certificate of Approval Issue 6

Licence Expiry Date: 28/02/2020


TC11 – Half Height IP-1 Soft Sided Package Transport System


TC11 Data Sheet

Operating Instruction OM-3409227-MECH-00001-B

Operating Instruction OM-3409227-MECH-00006-B

TC11 Certificate of Approval – Issue 2

Licence Expiry Date: 30/4/2020