Transport Services

LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) provides an assured Transport Service to customers.  All transport services are operated in full compliance with the relevant National / International Transport Regulations.  In addition to this all waste consignments under the control of LLWR benefit from our membership of the nationally recognised Transport Emergency Arrangements scheme known as RADSAFE.

LLWR Customers are able to submit their enquiries for Transport Services (including Packaging Supply and ancillaries) using the web based e-Logistics transport management system.

For assistance or if you are not already registered for e-Logistics contact the Transport Team on 019467 70295, 70296, 70297.


Road Transport Services

A framework agreement consisting of 5 Road Hauliers enables LLWR to provide a range of road transport services covering the UK and International destinations, an example of the equipment available is shown below. 

  • Two or Three axle Tractor Units (Euro standard 5 or above) rated and taxed up to 44te
  • Skeletal trailers (20’ 30’ 40’ or/and Trombone Trailers)
  • Flatbed trailers (with rated tie down features for items)
  • Tautliner Trailers up to 40’ (including Code XL and Multilock variants)
  • Side Loader Trailers
  • Specialist Vehicles STGO Cat 1 – 3
  • 7.5te vehicles with Tail lifts with rated tie down anchor points
  • On-site transport service (shunting etc….)
  • Please note that this list is not exhaustive and LLWR work closely with hauliers and Customers to ensure that any transport needs can be met.

Integrated Transport Services

Working in partnership with Direct Rail Services, LLWR is able to offer a range of multi-modal transport solutions.  Where a multi-modal service is identified DRS will co-ordinate all road elements of the service.  DRS have a framework contact in place with 4 of the hauliers used by LLWR ensuring familiarity with customer sites and driver knowledge of Class 7 consignments.  

Other Services

Customers can also choose to use our Transport Support Services which include; Loading Plan Specialists to ensure arrangements are in place to adequately restrain packages on the transport vehicle.  See our Packaging Services page for further information including guidance and examples of Standard Waste Loading Plans. 

Benefits of using the LLWR Transport Services

  • 100% safety record (people)
  • Surveillance on carrier operations (as required)  
  • Proven system for integrated transports
  • Proven system for Road and Sea transports
  • Optimised empty return mileage – currently 79% utilisation (December 2015 data)
  • Innovation
  • e-Logistics web-based transport management system

Contact Us

Transport Team
Pelham House
CA20 1DB

Tel: 019467 70295 / 70296 / 70297

Emergency Response – Out of Hours

LLWR Duty Manager 07624 310577

LLWR Transport Emergency Officer 07624 909768

Transport Emergency Contacts (DGSAs) – During Hours

Marc Flynn 07837 256185, Alison Fotheringham 07528 988279, Laura Bell 07817 969751, Barry Mellor 07794 273816