LLW Repository Ltd’s (LLWR) Waste Acceptance Procedure (WAP) details how waste must be consigned to LLWR or its service providers under the Waste Services Contract.

Monitoring There are seven elements to the WAP which cover the various steps in the procedure including associated forms and templates where relevant. Forms are used to provide relevant information at specific points within each Process. The Forms can be completed electronically by Customers and submitted to LLWR by e-mail to customerteam@llwrsite.com. The completed forms provide the data to populate the relevant Template(s) which are completed and issued by LLWR to Customers. The seven elements in the WAP are listed below with relevant Forms and Templates:

1. Waste Acceptance Procedure Overview

2. Waste Forecasting Process

3. Waste Characterisation Process

4. Waste Assurance Process

5. Waste Enquiry Process

6. Waste Consignment Process

7. Waste Receipt Process