LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) provides Customers with a range of Characterisation, Logistics and Waste Services through an agreed common contractual arrangement. This contract is known as the Waste Services Contract and was introduced on 1st April 2010. It will be in place until 31st March 2020.

Contract Structure Overview

The Contract Structure Overview provides a Visual Index of the Schedules that form the Waste Services Contract. The Terms and Conditions include the Waste Services Contract itself and the Special Conditions for the relevant Service.

Waste Services Contract

The Waste Services Contract is a framework agreement comprising the following:

  • Schedule 1 – Conditions of Contract in
  • Schedule 2 – Contract Data
  • Schedule 3 – Waste Services
  • Schedule 4 – Waste Acceptance Criteria
  • Schedule 5 – Waste Acceptance Procedure
  • Schedule 6 – Logistics Services
  • Schedule 7 – Characterisation Services
  • Schedule 8 – Service Pricing

Sample copy of the Waste Services Contract and the Special Conditions for the relevant services can be found below: