Dennis Thompson


Dennis Thompson has over 25 years experience in the nuclear industry with a predominant focus on nuclear operations and low level waste management.   He started his career as a startup (commissioning) engineer with DuPont at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, USA. He became part of a startup team responsible for commissioning the Saltstone facility, a facility designed to treat, immobilise, and dispose of large volumes of liquid low level radioactive waste. Once commissioned, he moved into operations and eventually became the Facility Manager.   In addition to operations management, Dennis has moved into a variety of key management positions covering a range of disciplines including training, procedures, quality assurance, and project management.

Dennis moved to the UK to take up the Business Manager role at the LLWR, responsible for finance, project controls, IT, and human resources.  He was asked to extend his UK assignment by assuming the Managing Director role which is the role he currently holds.

Dennis earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of South Carolina and later earned a Masters in Business Administration from the same university.

Martin Walkingshaw

Martin Walkingshaw has 30 years experience in the nuclear industry.  He began his career as an Engineering Apprentice specialising in Industrial Measurement and Control Systems

Martin’s early years were spent at Sellafield working in the engineering, maintenance and commissioning teams associated with Magnox Reprocessing operations; Ponds/Decanning, Chemical Separation and Fuel Handling Plants.  He has been directly involved in commissioning and operational ramp up of the first Intermediate Level Waste Encapsulation Plant at Sellafield. Resulting in his appointment as Engineering Manager for the facility in 1993.

Following secondment to BNFL’s Corporate Engineering Directorate in Warrington, Martin returned to a front line role at Sellafield when he was appointed as E&I Commissioning Support Manager for the High Level Waste Vitrification Line 3, then under construction.  He then moved across into the operations arena, and was eventually appointed Operations Support Manager for the combined High Level Waste Vitrification Lines 1, 2 and 3 organisations.

Martin joined LLW Repository Ltd in 2007, where he became part of the team that successfully introduced a range of new waste management routes and services for the UK’s low level waste producers.  

Martin was appointed to the SLC Board in May 2011. He is also a member of the Board’s Audit Sub-Committee. 

Nigel Lister

SLC Board member and Lead Team Member - Head of Safety, Regulatory Liaison & Governance

Nigel Lister is the Head of Safety and Regulatory Liaison at the LLWR Site, with responsibility for leading the Site Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHS&Q) Teams. He has been an Executive Director on the SLC Board since the formation of LLW Repository Ltd in 2007.

A Physics Graduate from the University of Leeds, Nigel started his career at Sellafield in 1991 on the BNFL Graduate training scheme as a health physicist. He carried out a number of Safety Adviser and Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) roles on the Sellafield Site in the early years of his career including as an RPA for engineering projects in Separation area and RPA for Thorp Reprocessing Plants.

His first senior role was the Head of EHS&Q for the Thorp Reprocessing Plants in 2000. This role expanded to cover the provision of safety advice across all production operations on Sellafield Site, including Magnox Reprocessing, MOX, Thorp and High Level Waste Plants, bringing together a number of separate teams.

Nigel came to LLWR in June 2006 as part of the project team to establish the Site as a stand-alone Site Licence Company and led the work to obtain the new Nuclear Site Licence and Environmental Authorisation. He was part of the original SLC board and was offered the opportunity to remain as Executive Director when UKNWM took over Management of the Site in 2008.

Sam Usher

Sam Usher is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, who studied at Nottingham University, achieving an MSc in Engineering Management.

He has 20 years broad experience in the nuclear industry. He started his career with BNFL, working on a variety of waste management, engineering, and operational roles, including 3 years managing the Highly Active Liquor (HALES) plants at Sellafield. He ran NNC’s Radiological & Environmental Consultancy business for 4 years, and in 2005 was appointed head of AMEC NNC’s Programme Management team supporting DEFRA’s (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, where he ensured the delivery of CoRWM’s (Committee on Radioactive Waste Management) recommendations to government in July 2006.

As Strategic Development Director for AMEC, Sam worked on a number of initiatives, including new nuclear build where he was instrumental in securing the major long term contract for UK licensing and architect engineering implementation with a major European new build utility. He joined Studsvik as Vice President Business Development, and took over as President of Studsvik UK in June 2009.

Sam is a Director of Studsvik UK Ltd, LLW Repository Ltd, UKNWM, and the Nuclear Industry Association.

Roger Coates

Roger Coates spent over 30 years with BNFL within the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) function. Eighteen of these years were based in two spells at Sellafield, including a final period as the Executive Member responsible for EH&S. His BNFL career was completed as Director EH&S for British Nuclear Group.

He has been extensively involved at both national and international level in the fields of radiation protection and nuclear safety. After leaving BNFL he worked at IAEA, where he continues to support some projects. He has been involved in work with ICRP, and is currently Vice President of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

Roger also advises the Board/Executive at the Urenco (UK) and AWE Site Licence Companies. 

Alastair Scrimgeour

Alastair Scrimgeour is a Chartered Accountant and was a partner for 24 years in Deloitte LLP and predecessor partnerships, specialising in Corporate Finance.

During much of his career he has specialised in the nuclear industry.  He led the team that acted as reporting accountant on both the privatisation and the subsequent restructuring of British Energy.  He led the professional services team that advised Her Majesty's Government (HMG) and BNFL over a period of 10 years on the restructuring of BNFL and the UK civil nuclear industry which resulted in the formation of the NDA and the current SLC structure.

Following the formation of the NDA, he led the team that became financial, accounting, tax and pensions advisers to the NDA.  He also led the vendor due diligence team on the disposal of UKAEA to Babcock and advised DECC on the setting up of Funded Decommissioning Plans.  He has also been involved in a number of new build projects.

Outside of his nuclear work, he has worked with many private and public sector companies on the development and execution of their strategies as well as with many investment banks and private equity companies. 

Alastair is on the Board of the Nuclear Industry Association and is Chairman of LLWR's Audit Committee.

Dan Curry

Dan Curry is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he earned a BSc in Physics. He served on active duty in the US Submarine Force for 10 years including two tours as the Chief Engineer for operational nuclear submarines. Joining civilian industry he spent the next twenty years in project management and business development on nuclear, oil/gas and coal power generation projects internationally including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Slovenia, Canada and Egypt, where he was the Managing Director of International Operations.

He joined Washington Group International in 2002 and was assigned responsibility for business development activities related to the UK Nuclear Industry. He has been involved in all the URS Tier 1 bids in the UK, including serving as the Capture Manager for the UK Low Level Waste Repository Contract. Today his responsibilities include business development for nuclear and high hazard facility outside the US for the Global Management & Operations Services Group.

Dan has been a Non-Executive Director of LLW Repository Ltd since 2009.

Paul Pointon

Paul is Deputy Managing Director at the Low Level Waste Repository.

A Chartered Civil Engineer, he is responsible for the management and delivery of LLW Operations, Site Maintenance, Site Infrastructure, Waste Delivery, Programme and Project Delivery and the decommissioning and demolition of historic plutonium contaminated buildings at LLWR.

He is a Senior Project Director with a strong engineering background and Operations and Project Management experience of major Civil Engineering Projects in a wide variety of fields; Nuclear, Water & Wastewater, Rivers, Industry and Transport (Road and Rail).

In 2004 he joined URS Washington Division, forerunner to AECOM Nuclear & Environment International, and was Project Manager responsible for the management of the multi-discipline team undertaking the Feasibility Study for the design, construction and operation of an extension of the low level nuclear waste storage facility, near Drigg.

The following year he was Senior Project Manager responsible for setting up the programme of work for the decommissioning of B204 Building at Sellafield.

He went on to fill several senior roles at the Low Level Waste Repository, including Site Project Delivery Manager responsible for the project management teams delivering Vault 9, and Technical Programme Delivery Manager, before moving into his current role in 2012.

Paul is a Member of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Association for Project Management. He was appointed Deputy MD in February 2017.