LLW Repository Ltd’s Procurement Plan identifies the various opportunities available to the supply chain in the short to medium term. 

LLWR Procurement Plan – 25.04.18

There are several different ways to access contract opportunities with LLWR: CTM; Contracts Finder; and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Collaborative Procurements. 


Complete Tender Management (CTM)

Click on this link to access the CTM system.

To be able to use CTM you will need to register your company by following the Register Company link.


Contracts Finder

Procurements over the OJEU financial thresholds are also automatically advertised on the Government’s Contracts Finder website.


NDA Collaborative Procurement

LLWR participates in Collaborative Procurements under the NDA Shared Service Alliance. This allows us to aggregate demand and standardise procurement requirements across all the Site Licence Companies (SLCs) and other participating entities within the NDA estate, delivering value and providing more attractive opportunities to the Supply Chain. Use this link to access information about Collaborative Procurements.