We have a suite of Packaging Guidance Notes covering a range of operational advice on the requirements for LLWR’s fleet of IP-2 Containers.

Operational Guidance Note

  • PAA-GN02 – Direct Pour Encapsulation Guidance Note Guidance on the procedures for directly pouring waste into disposal IP-2 ISO containers for encapsulation and onward transport as a solid.
  • PAA GN03 – ISO Stud Repair Guidance Note Guidance on the procedure for repair or replacement of lid studs to LLWR Disposal Fleet of IP-2 ISO containers
  • PAA-GN04 – Guidance on Placing and Securing Items within TC01 & TC03 LLWR IP-2 ISO Containers
  • PAA-GN05 – Minimum Monitoring Requirements For Reusable Transport Containers Guidance Note Guidance on the HP&S monitoring procedure to be used for re-usable containers, giving advice on radiological and contamination controls.
  • PAA-GN06 – VLLW/LA-LLW Guidance Note – Guidance for an operational quality plan for the transport and disposal of VLLW / LA-LLW Transport of LA-LLW / VLLW Questionnaire
  • PAA GN08 – Operational Quality Plan for TC02
  • PAA-GN015 – Guidance on the process and preparation of Waste Loading Plans
  • PAA-GN016 – Guidance on the Operation of the GTTS-2000B Transponder
  • PAA-GN017 – Guidance on the Repair Options for Loaded Damaged IP-2 Containers
  • PAA-GN018 – Guidance on the Repair to Paint Finish of IP-2 Containers
  • PAA-GN023 – Guidance on conversion of a TC01R reusable Iso-container to a TC01 disposal
  • PAA-GN024– Guidance Note for Soft Sides Package Compatibility Criteria